Meet in groups of 2 or 50—we're not picky!

Cool, but what video calling features are we adding to Adalo?

Meeting Mode

With meeting mode your users are placed in a lobby prior to joining the call, giving them a moment to adjust their cameras, audio, or just hang out for a moment.


Handy for formal meetings with doctors, consultants, work, whoever!

Casual Mode

Drop your users straight into the chat, providing them with a more casual, "Hi Mom & Dad!" experience.


Handy for messenger-like services.

Customizable UI

Your users are sure to be impressed by our out-of-the-box UI, but we get it—you're a unicorn 🦄! 


Enjoy making it your own with just a few clicks.

Supported No-Code Services. 

Scalable video calling with

simple, predictable pricing.

We know apps take time to mature and when they do, they scale quickly! That's why we offer simple, predictable pricing that you can take advantage of—no matter what stage your app is in.


Get started with no up-front cost.

👎 Traditional Video App Development

To be frank, you don't want this and we don't offer it.

Drag & drop implementation
👎Thousands of dollars 💸
👎 Thousands of hours ⌛️
👎Project management 🤕
👎Hiring developers 🥱



You know your lines and your app is ready for the Big Time!

👍 Complicated & costly development

Drag & drop implementation
Meeting Mode
Messenger Mode
Assign user display names
Custom copy (all text can be modified)
Limit 50 participants per room
48 hours (2,880 participant minutes) of free call time*
Max room duration—24 hours
Max participant duration—4 hours
Apply your branding (custom styling)
Assign users avatars/profile photos

Development (Free)

Develop for free until you're ready to go live!

Production Plan Features
24 hours (1,440 participant minutes) of free call time*


Ditch the dev. Enjoy easy-to-implement and zero-maintenance video calling.

Be an influencer. Help shape the features and future of our component.

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